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AI in the Cloud


We developed a smartphone-based, AI-accelerated cloud computing service that is highly reliable, easily accessible and cost effective in wound diagnosis and prognosis to be used collaboratively by wound care providers and patients. Smartphones are used to collect patient information and communicate with clinics. 2D wound images and 3D depths are captured and pre-processed on smartphones, and AI algorithms are provided in the cloud to assess wound conditions and suggest treatment plans. The processed information is sent through the cloud server to wound specialists for wound diagnosis and treatment-planning. The integrated cloud system enables effective patient-provider communications for remote wound care.

HealthCare Providers

To accommodate the urgent needs of wound care providers, we develop the start-of-the-art deep learning AI models running in the cloud for wound assessment, diagnosis, and prognosis. The deep learning models are trained and tested on a massive dataset of wound images carefully labeled by wound specialists to achieve the highest stability and accuracy. These intelligent algorithms provide real-time and continuous monitoring of wounds that allows fast and reliable decision-making by physicians.

Patients and Caregivers

We care for patients by providing a smartphone solution, in which patients can capture wound images and/or depth with smartphones at home, and communicate with wound care providers through messages and online services. AI-accelerated data analysis in the cloud provides real-time monitoring of wound conditions and historic records for comparisons.

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